Pensacola Beach Songwriters Fest at Bamboo Willies on October 7, 2023

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Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival: Day 2

Description:  The third day of the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival is Saturday, October 7, 2023 and Bamboo Willie's is a featured venue.
Saturday's Schedule:

8:00 PM on the Bamboo Willie's Stage

Renee Amelia
Renee Amelia , singer songwriter from Pensacola Beach, Florida. Calling All Our Lost Boyszzzz. I have over 4 hours of original music and would love to collaborate with other writers. I have an album “Eat This” by Bangarang Peter on all platforms. We’ve been rocking the Gulf Coast doing originals and some covers. 

Silas Rich
Silas Rich will be 19 in August. He has been writing songs since the age of 4. Silas is self-taught on the keys and is now learning drums and more. At 16 he recorded on his mom’s album of Bangarang Peter in Muscle shoals at Cypress moon studio. He really loves recording and is excited to be at this festival.

9:00 PM on the Bamboo Willie's Stage

Waylon Hanel
Twenty-one-year-old Waylon Hanel is a self-taught musician and singer characterized by his textured vocals and endearing ability to captivate audiences. The Michigan native has quickly become recognized for his down-to-earth style, bold delivery and vivid storytelling. Named after country music legend Waylon Jennings (one of his biggest musical influences), Hanel has worked to hone his skills in developing a vintage signature style of his own. His music and recordings are a testament to his unique, artistic individuality and powerful delivery well beyond his years.

“In my humble opinion, country music today has lost its way. I want to keep traditional country music alive with ‘three chords and the truth’ and an old-school vibe.”

In the five short years since Waylon launched his music career, he has performed as support act opening for Uncle Kracker, Travis Tritt, Trace Adkins, Chris Cagle, Elvie Shane, Ashley McBryde, Tyler Farr and Jo Dee Messina among others. Waylon’s 2023 tour schedule is fast approaching more than 75 show dates. He made his official introduction with his self-titled EP (WAYLON HANEL/Nov. 2022), featuring five original tunes, and followed with his sophomore CD, NEW OLD OUTLAWS in May 2023. (“New Old Outlaws Rewind” the spotlighted bonus track, charted at No. 54 on the MusicRow Breakout Chart). Waylon released his second single, “He Don’t Mind” to country radio in June 2023.

“My cowboy hat and boots aren’t just for show, they’re lived-in.”

Jeremy Young
Jeremy is a singer-songwriter based in Fort Worth Texas that is returning for his second year at the Pensacola Songwriters Festival. Jeremy has been playing live full-time for a few years now playing 150-200 shows annually throughout the state of Texas. He is a sought-after entertainer that has a high energy level during his shows from start to finish. His songs reflect his 90’s country roots, as well as his own life experiences. Whether it’s his own songs or someone else’s, everyone seems to love his sound. He loves to be able to tell a story and gets most of his inspiration while driving. Jeremy released 4 new original singles this year and is looking forward to everyone hearing them and more soon!ows annually throughout the state of Texas. He is a sought-after entertainer that has a high energy level during his shows from start to finish. His songs reflect his 90’s country roots, as well as his own life experiences. Whether it’s his own songs or someone else’s, everyone seems to love his sound. He loves to be able to tell a story and gets most of his inspiration while driving. Jeremy released 4 new original singles this year and is looking forward to everyone hearing them and more soon!

Cota Cheek
Hailing from Montgomery, AL, Cota Cheek began his music career at a young age. From the time he could barely hold a guitar, there has always been one nearby to pick up and play. Just after middle school, the focus switched from just guitar to include vocals and the idea of songwriting. Through high school, the spectrum grew to include a multitude of woodwind and percussion instruments as well as the catalog of songs he would write in his free time. During college, the formation of “Fents” was underway, quickly becoming the main focus for his writing and production. While the writing for “Fents” takes things further down the heavier rock path, his personal writing style flows towards a more heartfelt and introspective outlook.

A wide range of influences, including John Mayer, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Taylor Goldsmith, Evan Stephens Hall, Leif Vollebekk, and many more talented songwriters, help inspire the direction of Cota’s musical creations.

10:00 PM on the Bamboo Willie's Stage

Mutt Cooper
IMutt Cooper is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Alabama. Born and raised in a musical family, he was immersed in Gospel, Country, and Blues music. His deep southern roots can be heard and felt in his original music. Mutt is a Navy veteran who has worked with Freedom Sings and Operation Song, writing songs with veterans to tell their stories. He has toured the country and played a variety of music venues, but enjoys performing at songwriter festivals and listening rooms where the audience can listen and become part of a personal experience expressed in a song. While touring the country in a Patsy Cline band, Mutt was also instrumental in the charity motorcycle group, the Miracle Riders. The Miracle Riders raise money to help one child at a time. Mutt wrote the self-titled song, “Miracle Rider” which was recorded by the Wilson Brothers Band.

Matt Williams
Full of soul stirring melodies and evocative compositions. Exploring the connection between thought and emotion. Lyrics that weave intricate narratives, melodies conveying love, loss, hope, and reflection. A personal journey of emotion and excitement. Vivid landscapes of sound transcending language as they touch the depths of the soul. 

Jason Curtis

11:00 on the Bamboo Willie's Stage

Colleen Lloy
Like many artists, Collen Lloy has a story of courage and stamina where she quit her job, sold everything she owned and on a wing and a prayer moved to Nashville. The industry did not take long to realize this lady has major chemistry and charisma on and off stage. Coined the “chameleon” by many, she proves she has an unusual style of singing able to cover any music with ease.

Colleen LLoy has played all over the U.S. and abroad, including USO shows in Italy. She is a frequent guest at the nationally known Bluebird Café, has done television and radio broadcasts, and has opened up for artists like Billy Dean, Paul Overstreet, John Berry, Lee Greenwood, George Jones, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tanya Tucker, John Anderson, and many others. Lloy had the rare privilege of interviewing Mr. B.B. King for a proposed television show, which she indicates is the highlight of her music career thus far. She also performed with Mick Fleetwood in Maui.

Ray Scott
The term “country music” may have changed over time, but Ray Scott’s definition of it has not. Whenever you press play on a Ray Scott song, you know exactly what you are going to get: tried-and-true, dyed-in-the-wool, salt of the earth, country music. That’s how the country music traditionalist built his first ten albums and that’s how he’ll build the next ten – which conveniently starts right here.

Billboards and Brake Lights, Ray Scott’s 11th release, is a collection of twelve songs by the North Carolina native that remind real country music fans what it’s like to go on a journey through song. Rooted in his signature traditional sound, Scott straddles the line of growing as an artist and standing on that firm foundation of being exactly the same guy his fans have come to love. Self-effacing, self-aware and vulnerable and with a humble confidence that stops shy of arrogance, Scott’s methods of storytelling shine brighter than ever before.

Honesty in music is a calling card Ray Scott has held firmly throughout his career and has defined him in more ways than one. Back in the 00’s when Scott was a staff songwriter on Music Row pulling in a salary to write songs for other artists, the radio “Bro-Country” tide was on the rise. It didn’t sit well with Scott’s stomach as it wasn’t authentic to him, and he’d be damned if he was going to sell himself out to discredit the music that he loved so much. Not only did he walk away from that staff writer life, but that walk-off also drove him back to writing for himself and striking out on his own.

One benefit Scott has with Billboards and Brake Lights is the ability to release and promote it however he likes. His last two albums, 2020’s Nowhere Near Done and 2021’s Cover the Earth, both fought Covid in one way or another. Ironically, that same pandemic gave Scott his new research tool, the award-winning Ray-ve In the Cave, Scott’s then weekly livestream show where he and guitarist Joe Cook would hang out in Scott’s basement with their guitars, a beverage or two, and perform. Named one of Pollstar’s Top 50 Livestreams, that outlet gave him more of a one-on-one, interactional relationship with his audience than he ever had before.

Brooke Faulk
The musical stylings of Brook Faulk are as varied in range as the timbre of her voice. Sometimes the maverick outlaw in her black felt cowboy hat, belting out a rowdy mix of blues, classic and indie rock, and honky tonk; and sometimes the innocent, sweet country girl, softly strumming her tenor guitar in her blue jeans and boots, with her Celtic lilting original songs of heartache and hope- caressing your skin as lightly as a feather with her Americana and alt country phrasing of lyrics bittersweet.

This willowy blonde hails from Eastern Oregon originally but has played and traveled the US from Alaska to the South, from the West coast to the East in her twenty-plus years onstage.

In addition to being a unique, dynamic, and authentic artist and performer, she is also a member of the board of directors of the Idaho Songwriters Association and the founder and director of Idaho’s only female Songwriting organization, Sisters in Songwriting.

See the full schedule here: Songwriters Festival Schedule at Bamboo Willie's

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