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World Famous Drinks

Chill Out With One of Our Frozen Drinks 

The bar offerings include a variety of domestic and imported beers and features the Bushwacker made famous on beautiful Pensacola Beach.

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Silver Bayou Rum 100% natural Louisiana cane sugar & molasses 151 Rum blended with tropical

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Pina Colada

Rum blended with creamy coconut for a tropical treat. Mix it with Octane for a dreamsicle delight!

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A Pensacola Beach Original Creamy vanilla & coconut mixed with rum and chocolate liquor-Don't miss out on this tradition!

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Jungle Juice

Whiskey lovers! This wild cherry explosion is made with Jim Beam's Red Stag & light rum.

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Orange Dream

Willie's version of a Push-Up Pop infused with light rum & 151

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Tantalize your taste buds with this refreshing citrus orange burst made with vodka! Upgrade to the "Booty Call"- Octane, Tropical Itch, orange vodka & Peach Schnapps

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Blue Angel

Named in honor of Pensacola's very own Blue Angel's A tasty blend of blue raspberry and vodka

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Liquid Marijuana

Enjoy this blended with light rum & 151 mixed with apple and melon with a twist

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Rum Runner

Enjoy the refreshing flavors of banana, berries and lime, and a splash of rum.

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Electric Lemonade

This vodka blue raspberry lemonade treat is sure to zap your taste buds!

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A frozen drink classic! A refreshing tangy lime treat...Ask for salt on the rim!

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Tropical Itch

A fruit punch explosion made with rum and a hint of bourbon. Try it mixed with Blue Angel for our "Super Man" special!